Try Something New

Lately I’ve been trying new things and this is the latest one. A blog. I’m not out to impress anyone so this is really more of a personal exercise more than anything. If you like it though please comment and link 🙂

A little about me to begin: I’m short, in my twenties and I look pretty young for my age, I guess. I’m in a great relationship (really!) for over six years now, and I have a perfect son, who can do no wrong and who will turn eight this summer. I also have a perfect daughter who can do no wrong and she is ten. I live in a really picturesque small town in rural east coast Canada with my partner, our dogs, our cat, and my plants.  We live in a pretty nice house on a pretty nice street and we have a pretty nice car, too.  I like to spend my time caring for my kids when they’re here and I usually end up watching a lot of videos online and playing video games when they’re not. I’m trying to get out of watching so much television and start doing things, you know, while I watch television.

Things on my mind right now to be explored further tomorrow and in the coming days:

  • Mitt Romney … Millionaire Mormon President?
  • Municipal Elections
  • The Walking Dead on PS3 (currently downloading)
  • Childless vs Parents and Working Moms vs Stay @ Home Moms and White Conservative Catholics vs White Conservative Baptists

All this and more to be discussed in the first real post to my blog tomorrow. I’m going to try to update every day and if after a while I find that I really don’t have that much to say I’ll cut back on the seventh day. Like Jesus, or whatever. Okay, here it goes.

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