When Nothing Goes Wrong

The Fates have once again interceded and have kept me free of momentary discomfort– the worst of first world problems, and something I detest. There are times when even though you have money you don’t really have any money. This was one of those times, but at just the right moment-  serendipity- money appeared. It was like winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

Continuing with new experiences, while on an excursion today I was introduced to a new band and shown their music video. It was novel and entertaining, something I don’t see much lately. Three Sheet is the groups name. Very Original. I’ll have to check out more of their stuff though before I begin to give some sort of ringing endorsement, lest I listen to their lyrics closely and find that they deny evolution or are pro-life.

I also had a cute person in a nice car exchange glances with me on my way home on the highway. This of course gave me a huge head for the next four or five hours and I was constantly eyeing myself up in the mirrors. It may not all be just in my head though! I’ve been exercising more often as part of my ‘new things’ kick. Maybe I’ll stick with it and my blog can document my sexy new life. And then I can be a STAR. Maybe not. So far the first thing – plants- has worked out awesome! It’s so boring to everyone but for reason I love houseplants. I love watering them and moving them to bigger pots when they get to big and realizing that they’ve grown a lot. Exciting? No. Rewarding? Yes.

Will my houseplants take over and eat my dogs? Will I again encounter the sexy stranger in the Mazda? Will Three Sheet turn out to be a tea-party propaganda machine? All this and more will be completely ignored in my next post.

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