Construction Criticism

Looking at building a closet in my unfinished basement as an introduction to finishing the rest of the basement. It’s likely to become the worst idea I’ve ever had, but I will attempt it anyhow. Handiness is not a skill I possess, but I’m sure that once I get going I will get the hang of it. Right now I’m in the planning and dreading stage of construction. Details of my failures to come.

I’m so tired of hearing things about people like Snooki and Lindsay Lohan. Why should these people matter? Mindless, vapid fame-whores should be required by law to promote educational institutions and organizations to counter their IQ lowering effects on the population. Similarly, churches and tabloid newspapers would be subject to steep fines under these new laws. The quality of Hollywood celebrities these days is so low.

Perspectives on 9/11:

  • Terrorist Plot by turban-wearing, Koran worshipping psychopaths
  • Inside Job  perpetrated by mastermind George W. Bush and his bottom bitch Condi.
  • Orchestrated by later anointed ‘9/11 widows’ as part of a ‘getting on the TODAY show’ plot.
  • Ruined weeks of television
  • Worst thing to happen to NYC since Madonna

If you found this offensive, please remember that I am completely out of fucks and thus will not give one.

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