Fevered Dream of a Madman

Watching the White House Correspondent’s Dinner was so much fun this year. President Obama is by far the most attractive, humorous and likable president the American people have ever had. Jimmy Kimmel was surprisingly funny, and the first lady seemed to really enjoy the jokes, and looked great (as always). Unfortunately the event was marred by the attendance of a Kardashian and Linsay Lohan. AGAIN: Why are these people famous anymore?! Who are the people who are watching them? Ugh! Obama, or B-Dog as he’s to known to his posse, was so funny and edgy for a president.

Possible reasons Jesus has failed to “come again”, thus far:

  • Still waiting for American fear and hatred of people from the middle east to subside.
  • Embarrassed by born-again Christians.
  • Came recently and isn’t horny enough to come again right away.
  • Is not real.
  • Holding out for flying cars or moon base.

Angry conservatives are far too common. If there’s one thing I can do without, it’s obese, ignorant red-necks. They’re always on my TV yelling about political and social issues they have never understood and didn’t care about until a “socialist” (nigger) was elected president while they were sitting in their trailers watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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