Cleaning House

There’s nothing quite like the threat of a friend or family member visiting to motivate one to clean one’s home. I’m one of those people who usually let things get really bad before I cave in and clean. Unless it’s attracting wildlife or bugs that may harm the plants… And a good layer of dust lets you know where things go. I really want to get one of those vacuum robots. And an android, when I can. It would probably end up being used primarily as a sex-bot and the house would still be dirty and full of lube and robot parts.

Why are we still driving cars ourselves? It seems like the next thing for transportation should be for cities to stop traffic as we know it and use only automated computer driven vehicles. It’ll probably be a European city, you know, one where they talk like elves and look like Aryans. ALSO, why don’t more buildings have green roofs? And why are we allowing local governments to plan and build anything that doesn’t include significant amounts of public space and art work and hookers?

Fortune Tellers, Psychics, Mediums, Mind Readers, Clairvoyants and Hypnotists are all either liars or insane and I’m definitely leaning toward the former. How can there be so many people who will so willingly hand their hard earned money over to such bullshit con-artists? How do they stand being such frauds as human beings? This was a bit of an aside, but it’s really depressing to see these people online and on TV. I really hope that someday, someone will stab them hard in the eye with something sharp and hurty.

Christians have Stockholm Syndrome for God.

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