My Way or the Highway

Lately I’ve been ignoring a friend of mine. Not on purpose, but it just became one of those things where I had to cancel one day, and then the next time I forgot completely and didn’t text until the day after that. Then I had to put it off again for a really legitimate reason. I feel bad, but I’m pretty busy watching Netflix and browsing the web. If there are two or three things that I have to do in a day it really leaves me no time for socializing after I water my plants and then look at them for a while. I have to fins time to feed the dogs and pet them and nap with them for a few hours. It’s rough! The cat has to be napped with separately because she won’t sleep with the dogs around– so that’s another hour at least. Lump that together with the nearly forty minutes I spend every day standing, staring blankly into rooms of my house wondering why I have entered them and I really cannot be blamed for missing out on so many outings and visits.

The Highway between where I live and where I grew up is so beautiful. The trip really is pretty nice if you go along the coast. It’s about three and a half hours and I rarely go. I think that my next mission will be to visit my parents and my hometown more often. It’ll be good for my son to see more of his relatives and enjoy some of the nature there before the white man ruins it. White Devils.

Why aren’t Canadian natives pissed off all the time about everything? It must be such a piss off to know that their ancestor’s for all knowable generations have lived off the land and were pretty happy and natural and good (for the most part). Then a bunch of pale blond demons come and fuck it all up. Christians ruin everything. Glad they did though, or I wouldn’t be here bitching about it on my personal computer in my suburban-style home with every imaginable convenience. It feels good to be right about everything.

8 Steps to Finishing What You Start:

  1. Have a clear plan of your desired end result.
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