Flowers & Weeds

Today, I read that recently it was alleged that the Minnesota Police Force was supplying the “occupy” protestors with a lot of very high quality marijuana. The Occupy movement is an ultimately failed but well meaning assemblance of hippies, unemployed and homeless people who are tired of being forced to wash and live in houses by the 1%. Police are men who have severe penis/aggression issues and woman who have penises and also we give them guns. WHO is surprised to learn that the police are both running the marijuana trade in Minnesota and are not smart enough to not deal to protesters in that area? I really wish I had the time and passion to write a new FARGO style movie depicting the whole network of Minnesotan Drug Masterminds.

Why you should ONLY buy drugs from POLICE:

  • Quality. Busting and jacking the highest quality bud is the number one priority of your local police force. Priority number two? D.A.R.E. campaign obligations.
  • Reliability. It`s as easy as calling 9-1-1! Operators are waiting for your call.
  • Hypocracy. Let`s face it, there`s nothing that feels quite as good as buying your drugs from the people who are paid every day to keep them out of your town.
  • Pay it Forward. When you buy your illegal drugs from police officers you know that a large portion of the profit is going directly to more pot, alcohol and harder and more awesome drugs for your local police to take and cruise around in cool cars with lots of distracting lights, sounds, weapons and gadgets.

I received some “get well“ flowers since I was feeling ill and my spouse is totally in love with me. They`re yellow and really brighten up my kitchen. Its amazing how much something as simple as some potted mums can really improve your mood and your feeling about a room. Another flower, weed, is also a great way to brighten a room, or a tent city set up in protest of a corporatocracy and government corruption and greed.


Inspired by: at the Huffington Post.

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