Decisions, decisions…

When deciding which educational path to choose, one must remember several things during one’s decision making process. First off, the appearance of the administrative staff at the institution should seriously be taken into consideration. Registrar’s offices with hot girls indicate a fun-loving and playful atmosphere, while old, dumpy, “mom”-types are a red flag for a more drone-ish, and strict approach to educating. Second when choosing the school to which you will attend it is important to evaluate the various distances between points on the campus: Will your classes be solely in one building or spread out scavenger hunt style across the campus, taking you to the furthest four corners each and every day? Is the library close to where your classes are? Will you have time to shit between classes? These questions cannot be left to the last minute. Especially the last one. — And how far from the gym are your classes/dorm/library– this could be most important– not because I work out, but it really enriches my day to see well toned bodies and fit gym goers … and in the attire they tend to sport its always pleasing– so a centrally located campus gym is ideal for hotness throughout the day.

When choosing which program/faculty/discipline the most important question to ask yourself is which will lead to a career that lets you to spend wads of company cash and can provide you with travel and meal allowances, per diems, and such. Then go with that one. You can also try a Bachelor of Arts and major in English and History, though– someone has to work at Indigo and Chapters.

When choosing living arrangements for post secondary education insist on a single room. No one wants to see their roomie masturbating, and if you live in a dorm together, chances are one of you will be caught. Take out the risk of your personal moments being interrupted by several drunk freshmen with a stolen traffic cone– get a single room… and some tissues.

After declining an opportunity to enroll in a telephone operator program, Opal decided to take the elevator operator’s course and passed with flying colors becoming the first female elevator operator. Two and a half weeks later she was also the last elevator operator to be laid-off due to technological revolution within the industry. This fictitious account of events came from nowhere and leads to no solid point. But I’m sure something like this had to have happened at some point…

QUESTION FOR THE NONEXISTENT AUDIENCE: Do you work in the field you originally intended to work in when you started your post high school education? What did you take in school and what do you do for work now? (If you don’t have post high school education, how did you make out? Are you doing pretty well job-wise?)

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3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. j0shst00ds says:

    LOL. That’s all I can say about the post.

    I started out in an Arts program (wanted to eventually become a teacher), but quickly decided that University is too expensive and too hard to be getting paid minimum wage and to have to deal with snotty kids all day long. Plus, I was sick of writing papers. I’m doing a business degree now, which seemed like the only program that would 1) not make me want to kill myself 2) had a chance get me a job. So far so good!

  2. The Hook says:

    I labor in a field that Fate chose for me. Fate has one helluva sense of humor….

  3. In my freshman year at University, the administrative mainframe declared me dead, and the Registrar’s office insisted I must be deceased because “the computer could not make that kind of mistake”. It cancelled my cafeteria privileges, tried to rent out my dorm room, unenrolled me from classes, unpersoned me from all campus facilities, and sent a computer-generated stencil-signed condolence letter to my mother. I swore I would never touch another computer again as long as I lived.

    I’m now a Web developer. On the bright side, I haven’t died again.

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