Funny Cats

I thought this title would drum up some views. Actual topic of discussion is friendship. I know I piss on a lot of things and I seem pretty hateful BUT there is one thing that I really love. FRIENDS. Not those shitty people who liked your status on facebook, and not the people at your work who you’re friendly with… I mean real friends that you are going to be friends with forever no matter what and it doesn’t matter how often you get to see each other, or what you do when you’re together. I had a visit from my two very best friends today. We all live in different cities an hour and half away from one another, and haven’t been in the same room since one of us got married last year around this time. Of course every time we all get together we vow to start doing a regular once a month thing, which never ends up happening, but it is nice to imagine. Our Friendship is lasting and true. We went to Kindergarten together (pre-grade 1) and were in the same class until late high school when we still had some of our classes together (usually on purpose). First year after high school two of us chose different campuses of the same university and the other went to community college in a third city. I stayed home for first year of University as a new teen dad waging an unholy war against the troll with custody of my perfect child. None of us finished the program we entered after high school. Now, one of them works at a very young, popular nightclub downtown, the other is a pharmacy tech working at the hospital and is busy settling into married life. Fortunately thus far (probably because we’re white and were raised Christian) none of us became dangerously dependent on drugs or alcohol or got AIDS. And none of us got raped, so that feminist’s lecture on date-rape was incorrect.


  1. Food.
  2. Sounding board for brilliant ideas–i.e. Stairway Book-Skis
  3. Relief from everyone else you know.
  4. Shoulder to cry on.
  5. Alibis- no questions asked.
I would still be friends with my real friends even if they killed every one of my other facebook friends. On this topic.. When is there going to be a “FaceBook Killer” who stalks people’s friends online and kills them in real life? I’m sure there’s already a very poorly acted, direct-to-Netflix movie about exactly this being produced as I type.
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One thought on “Funny Cats

  1. Hey man funny site! Keep up the good work! Spice it up with some images or something. Peeps like to look @ shit. Thanks for the follow and keep checking my blog. I’m always posting great stuff. Cheers.

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