The Racist Emporium!

Come on down to The Racist Emporium! We have everything you need to blindly hate and remain ignorant of other cultures.

Confederate Flags now half price!

Stop by our “white-flour-only” Bigot’s Bakery and try our new Nigger Muffins or sample our world-famous Chink-Cakes!

Tired of Starbucks? Drop into Xenophobia our trendy new cafe with swivel chairs and a strong contempt for the Jews.

We also serve all your lumber and construction needs… Don’t let your clan meet with out the ever-popular pre-cut, ready-to-burn crucifix.

Don’t forget, we sell bigoted furniture and appliances, too! You can even find your holocaust-denying fridge magnets, and kitchen utensils depicting the prophet Muhammad here as well.

Planning a family get together? Don’t forget to buy the kids stylish swastika hoodies from our apparel department –where there’s a White Sale every day!

LOW STOCK- Last chance to get your Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter blow-up doll!

We are currently out of stock on all “Jesus Saves” bumper stickers.

We do not sell books.

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One thought on “The Racist Emporium!

  1. The Hook says:

    Bold and creative… I love it!

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