Text and Drive

I’m tired of people saying that texting while driving is dangerous. Texting while stupid and driving is what is dangerous– and talking on a cell phone without blue-tooth is absolutely no different than smoking a cigarette while driving, or having a coffee, or reaching across to pick up your crack-pipe from the floor of the passenger side. I’m totally convinced that anyone who gets herself or himself into an accident while driving because they were handling a cell phone is no great loss for our species and we should encourage texting while driving in order to improve society as a whole. Dying so you can update facebook is a noble cause.


One thought on “Text and Drive

  1. anyone who tried to do anything else while trying to operate a motor vehicle of any kind are asking for a crash to happen. add one to your list – trying to find a spcific song on your ipod mp3 etc. is just asking for the car in front to come to a sudden stop. i was crashed into while someone was on their cellphone while driving.and i did not appreciate the pain and the months of physical therapy. it’s painful. so think of others if not yourself while you are doing anything but drive while you are driving. don’t you be changing any cds or radio stations either. stop if you must to do any of these things. it won’t take that much time out of your day.

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