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City bottle thief stealing from children’s charity

Redemption centre owner says culprit has stolen $300 from the Children’s Wish Foundation

The fucker made ten trips from the donation bin to the back of his large, nice truck, on just one of his visits to what the asshole must have thought was the free-bottle-bin. WTF is this world coming to? It is very clearly marked as a donation bin for Children’s Wish Foundation. I demand a live-burial in shards of beer bottle glass! Too much? News just keeps getting worse; I hope another Muslim mullah will call a rape-victim a temptress or a whore again soon, so I can go back to being angry instead of depressed.


Something Serious, Just This Once

One of my city’s elected Councillors has been arrested in connection with the local Child Exploitation Unit and they took a laptop and other items from his home. Very limited info is being released at this time obviously, but we know he’s the head of a reputable, local, non-profit organization: Inner-City Youth Ministries. JUDGEMENT: PEDOPHILE.

Okay, okay– I’m sure it’s not as open and shut as this and there are basically no facts available to the public, but at this time in history, after so many cases, any full-grown man who says he wants to help young inner-city kids by talking about Jesus is probably not someone who should be in charge of any kids. Just sayin’. If he’s white, this should also be a strike against him. All the suspects look the same. Is that self-racism against white men? I don’t think so, there’s loving Jesus and then there’s working for organizations that love Jesus; and an inordinately large number of those organizations molest kids. He has been director of Inner City Youth Ministries (A name which screams “child-rape-happens-here”) for 13 years. Why in the name of Christ, Mary and the Saints would anybody send their fucking kid to one of these places any more?! I just don’t get it. I know they think it won’t happen to them, but nobody thinks it will happen to them! UGH! It’s the same story with the same suspect every time and all we can do is feel sorry for the victims. Very depressing news days lately.



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