Monthly Archives: September 2013

Just For Me

A lot has happened since I last bothered to write anything.  I finished college, did my internship, and got hired on permanently at a great law office. I live 15 minutes outside my city, in a suburban area, and I work 15 mins further from the city than that, Everyone drives a truck, hunts, and listens to country music.  It’s sort of like being back home.  Somewhere I went today! It takes a little over three hours to drive there (I’m from truly, the middle of nowhere) so I don’t visit as often as I would like to be able to, but I went with my son today and had a short visit with my parents.  It’s funny how much it is like when I would be taken to visit my grandparents, even though I visited mine far more than my son does with his.  We talk about nothing and eat food and wander around the yard and talk about nothing some more until it is time to go.  I love it.  I love seeing my parents and knowing that they’re doing alright.  I wish I could do more for them, they really gave me everything they could for my entire life until I was 19.  They’re perfect.  They curse like sailors and keep junk in their yard and I love it all.  I wouldn’t want them to change even a little bit.  They’re probably the most easy-going and non-judgmental parents in the world.  They never have criticisms or complaints.  They always say what they mean and they always have found humor in everything they do.  I love them so much.


Another thing: 

My son has turned 9 over the summer vacation and it has me feeling pretty damn old.  I’m only 27, but it is sort of funny to have a kid that age, especially since he’s very wise for his age and is practically my mini-me.  He is so similar to me in so many ways that I can’t believe it sometimes.  He’s so much more well-behaved, though.  His mannerisms are a complete mirror of myself at this point, it’s quite entertaining for me.  We get along so well and I never have to be angry or disappointed in him.  I need to go to bed now, so that I can wake up early and spend as much time with him tomorrow as I can.  He’s perfect and I love him so much.


Sorry to anyone who followed me for my sarcastic, filthy sense of humor.  This post was Just For Me.