Substance: c21h30o2

C2H5OH Vs. C21H30O2

These two substances are beloved by humans, used daily by many and regularly by most non-Mormons over a certain age. The first substance: C2H5OH is readily available to any person over the age of 18 or 19 depending on which province you live in. The hilarious age of 21 is required in the United States of Jesus. This liquid substance is basically a poison that humans concoct to taste as not-poisonous as possible and then market these beverages with empty promises of breasts and good times. The substance is responsible for many motor vehicle accidents and for many morbidly overweight college students losing their virginity. The titular substance, C21H30O2 is an illegal narcotic that is readily available to anyone with money and hot bitches who don’t. It is a natural herb, dried for the purpose of smoking and does not need to be advertised; Unbelievably, yes, this product grows on trees and sells itself. This substance is responsible for record sales of Cheez-its, robot chicken DVD’s and psychedelic paraphernalia. It typically causes the user to believe all other cars on the road are police cars and thus deters the inebriated user from driving at all. END THE PROHIBITION OF C21H30O2 NOW!


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