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Gay Republicans, Smart Catholics and Jews for Jesus

5 Hottest Ugly Chicks:

  1. Lady Gaga – gets props for crazy masks and sunglasses covering the mess while providing quality T & A
  2. Uma Thurman – ten years ago. Not now.
  3. Paris Hilton – No matter how rich she gets, she’s still stuck with that face.
*You won’t know the last two, but trust me, their bodies are off the hook and their faces are off rotten.com.

…There are a lot of different people in this crazy little world of ours and since killing them would lead to my arrest – I’ll blog. Believing an all-powerful God will punish you for not confessing your sins to an old man in a booth… is just not smart. An old man who was probably busily molesting a young parishioner earlier that day, no less. I see republican women and republican black people the way most people only look at gay republicans. Meaning they’re all voting against their own interests.

Black, lesbian republicans are stupid – that’s right I said it.

PSA: Stop sending money to feed the hungry in Africa. Stop providing coats to the homeless in Winter. Stop helping underprivileged kids play sports . We need to focus on what will make real lasting change: Internet Memes. Clearly our population had been dumbed-down to the point where reading full sentences or watching short videos has become too time-consuming and ZAP the quick meme was born.

QUESTION: What’s worse than a gay republican? … And don’t say a gay cannibal, I’ve already gone there.

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Strategies for Success

When your goals meet up with your dreams and double date with motivation and determination it usually ends in an orgy. -Roy Minor

I don’t understand beer. It tastes quite awful and doesn’t get you very drunk. The only time I drink a beer is if I think there’s a chance someone’s slipped a Roofie in it. I don’t go to bars anymore, I find it helps to have a few drunk girls over, once a week or so, to get the experience. They ignore me, cry and fight with each other and then throw up. To close the night I usually try to pick fights with other guys who may have larger genitals. Guys tend to be pretty unpredictable when they’re drunk, they might be total idiots who jump off your balcony or the guy who becomes a slurring lush. They might be violent, crazy assholes– it’s always hard to tell. With women, you can usually tell about two drinks in what kinda girl she is, and there are only three kinds of drunk girl. Slutty, scary and sad. Remember to always keep your eye out at the club, gentleman, as these different girls tend to group together and if the one you have your eye on isn’t acting sad or slutty, prepare for some emotional scarring and brutal physical harm.

News from today:

  • Kim Il Sung kidnaps Lady Gaga after Seoul concert- Entertainment
  • Mel Gibson still thought of as a waste of human life by most people- Poll
  • French fries not necessarily very french – Investigation
  • Councilman moves for higher taxes, no leads on body location yet- Local Politics/ Police Beat
  • Pussy Cleavage Too “Fashion Forward”?- Style
  • North Korean Dictator captures beloved American transvestite- World Politics
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